To address the challenges of empirical social research, social simulation and creating a better-AI lab, AI FORA’s research consortium is set out to realise a meaningful cooperation of added-value between the technical and the social sciences balancing this interdisciplinary cooperation on eye-level.

Coordinated by the social sciences, the AI FORA core consortium consists of two technical partners (DFKI, University of Augsburg) and two social science partners (JGU, CRESS). The core consortium will be supported by the AI FORA Scientific Advisory Board.

This interdisciplinary cooperation is mirrored on the country level of case studies in India, China, the US, Spain, Estonia and Germany by AI FORA case study partners.
In each country, an IT institution researching and/or developing AI technologies for social assessment in welfare systems will team up with a social science partner institution investigating the cultural and socio-ethical axion base of value and belief systems underlying social assessment for public welfare provision with related sociological dynamics of actors and networks. To realise the participatory approach with non-scientific stakeholders based on the “safe space concept” of the project, an intermediary institution serves as third partner in each case study consortium.

Case study consortium