General information

This page contains relevant information about the AI Fora interim Meeting. In the case of changes the information on this page will be updated. Here you also find the registration form.


Hier kommen sie zum Informed consent form und zur SAB questionnaire


See the preliminary agenda for the general meeting.


Abadia de Montserrat (Barcelona, Spain)



All locations are available via public transportation. We highly recommend using trams, busses and trains. Here we give some indications to get from El Prat Airport to Montserrat by public transportation by the fastest way, which includes three steps: a bus, a train, and the “Cremallera” (rack railway). The total journey lasts about 2 hours. Here is a description how to go to Abadia de Monteserrat from the airport.

Other transport combinations are possible. If you need or wish to follow a different route, we will gladly provide you with information about alternative transport. 


For the list of contributions, please visit Kickoff Meeting Contributions page.