General information

This page contains relevant information about the AI Fora interim Meeting. In the case of changes the information on this page will be updated.


All conference participants are staying at the Hotel Abat Cisneros. The payment will be handled at Montserrat.
Accommodation includes food, coffee breaks and the conference fee.

Additional Form for case studies

Here you can find a Pre-Montserrat questionnaire about your specific case study progress.


See the preliminary agenda for the interim meeting.



All locations are available via public transportation. We highly recommend using trams, busses and trains. Here we give some indications to get from El Prat Airport to Montserrat by public transportation by the fastest way, which includes three steps: a bus, a train, and the “Aeri de Montserrat“(Gondola) with a breathtaking view or
the “
Cremallera” (rack railway). The total journey lasts about 2 hours. Here is a description how to go to Abadia de Monteserrat from the airport.

If you arrive at Monistrol de Montserrat later than 7pm and the Aeri de Montserrat (Gondola) is no longer operating (the Cremallera (rack railway) only operates until 6pm), please use a taxi company to get to the Abadia de Montserrat (takes about 15-20 Minutes max.): e.g. Taxis Marceli Claret 

The conference ends around 14:00 on the 4th of May with a site visit at Espai Mataro Connecta.
Please find possible travel options from Espai Mataro Connecta to Barcelona Airport – El Prat through this link.

Other transport combinations are possible. If you need or wish to follow a different route, we will gladly provide you with information about alternative transport. 


For the list of contributions, please visit the following site: interim conference contributions.