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    General information This page contains relevant information about the AI FORA Kickoff meeting. In the case of changes the information on this page will be updated. Here you also find the registration form. Registration » Link to the registration form Agenda See the preliminary agenda for the general meeting. AI FORA General Meeting Agenda Locations …

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  • AI FORA case study consortium

    Estonia Beatriz LópezSpanish Case Study Estonia Albert SabaterSpanish Case Study Mikhel SolvakEstonian Case Study Triin VihalemmEstonian Case Study Sumathi Rajesh Indian Case Study Ebin RashIndian Case Study Estonia Eric JohnstonAmerican Case Study Estonia Steven PopperAmerican Case Study Elina TreygerAmerican Case Study Emmanuel Eji-EzeNigerian Case Study Hassan BashiriIranian Case Study Oleksandr Khyzhniak Ukrainian Case Study