Workshop “National AI policy strategies and social assessment systems”

AI technologies are increasingly used to assess human behaviour. Predictive policing, predictive psychiatry, artificial judges, and applications for job recruitment are just a few examples, how society is affected by automated decision-making processes. In September 2019, a workshop was conducted in Berlin centering around AI for social assessment practices and its societal discourse. During the workshop, representatives from six European countries introduced their national AI strategies for discussion with German policymakers and senior civil servants, security services and NGOs to reflect on normative issues and context-dependency regarding social assessment applications: Opinions and attitudes towards the use of AI technology for social assessment vary among nations and their domestic public discourses. Why is it that AI technologies used for social assessment are discussed, evaluated and thereby also implemented very differently in various countries? The workshop explicitly invited personnel from ministries, government agencies and non-profit organisations to discuss different national AI policies regarding social assessment practices to foster discourse between policymakers, administrative officials and NGOs in this domain.